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  • Tax returns
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First time funding and flipping a home?
No Problem. We've got you covered

  • Up to 85% of purshase
  • Up to 100% of rehab
  • 7.99% Rates Starting
  • $150K - $3.5M Rates Starting


Fix & Flip
Borrower Guide

Learn how Triumph's no hassle approach will allow you access to private capital with fast and reliable financing.  Close your deals FASTER!

Testimonials & approach

Darrell Simon

"One of the things every professional Real Estate investor who works with using financial leverage to secure and renovate property has to deal with, is loan companies. Some loan products are fairly straight forward but others require a lot of communication and other processes that can really impact the results of a project. Triumph has good people that go out of their way to make this process work...the company is flexible, accommodating and effective...more so than most regarding things that are really important like payment dates, making sure draws are fair, etc. The financial packages offered by the company are competitive, with decent interest rates and an efficient application process. Triumph has impressed me the most with customer service by specifically making what could be a dreaded process straight forward with expert guidance and coordination. I would look at this company and recommend them to any Real Estate professional. Joe Neil is my contact person and has been worth his weight in gold!"

Jason Frith

I've used Triumph Capital Partners on the my last three deals this year. Anthony DeCastro has been a tremendous help in getting my deals funded quickly and with no problems. Their process gets easier with every transaction. I'm looking forward to using them again.

Dak @ DJK Investors

Brenden did a great job of getting us funded quickly. All draws although done through a 3rd party were quick and efficient making it easy to pay contractor when work was complete.

  • 40+ Years of combined experience
  • $1 Billion In deals funded
  • 7 Days or less to close

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Foreign nationals welcome. If you have an active funding scenario you'd like us to review, visit our Fix & Flip lending page

Borrower experience minimum 15 deals within 36 months, California based asset, FICO score 620+ loan size $250,000+, US national, purchase loan, borrower must buy down the rate from par.